Pierce -  a Harlequin Macaw

Pierce was hatched in the spring of 2010. While she was still in the nest box her mother accidentally bit her upper beak while feeding her. The injury resulted in her beak "scissoring." The top and the bottom go in overlapping directions and she is unable to close her beak like most macaws. After this accident the breeder who owned her sent this special little chick to SBABS, rather than having her euthanized.  Upon arrival at SBABS she was taken to the vet to be fitted with a special brace in an attempt to straighten correct her deformity.  The brace was held in place by small metal pins place below the nostrils and everyone started calling her Pierce. 

Unfortunately the brace did not help, and she would always have a scissor beak. 

Pierce was hand fed well past the normal age when macaws are weaned, and we slowly introduced fresh fruits, veggies, seeds, and pellets.  She would attempt to eat the big bird food however, was unable to eat enough to sustain herself properly and still needed to be hand fed baby formula.  Pierce is a sweet bird who enjoyed playing with her cage-mate Nola, a Green-Winged Macaw and being held and snuggled by the staff and volunteers.  

Pierce especially stole the heart of one volunteer, Linda, who anxiously awaited every week to come and play with Pierce. The two bonded and fell in love with each other - Pierce went home with Linda.  Everyone thought Pierce might still have to be fed baby formula to keep her weight up.  After going home Pierce started eating enough on her own that she could maintain her weight, and did not need to be supplemented with the baby food.

Today Pierce is a happy, healthy girl, eating on her own and learning to fly.  Through the commitment of SBABS and from the love and dedication of our volunteer Linda, Pierce has blossomed into a healthy, happy bird, who is very much loved (and spoiled) by Linda.